IEMS 326 Economics and Finance for Engineers

Fall 2012

Last modified: Wed Dec 5 14:40:06 CST 2012

Lectures: Monday Wednesday Friday 3:00-3:50 in L251

Instructor: Benjamin Armbruster
Office Hours Wednesdays 4-5 in Tech M237

TA: Yaxiong Zeng,
Office Hours Thursdays 4-5 in Tech C135 (computer lab)


Homework 5 and accompanying spreadsheet and solution
Homework 4 and accompanying spreadsheet and solution
Case 1
Homework 3 and solution
Homework 2 and solution
Homework 1 and solution


Midterm 2 and solutions part 1 and part 2
Formula sheet and practice problems for final.
Notes on bonds
Background information on the financial system 1, 2, slides, and notes.
Notes on depreciation.
Lecture 14 slides on IRR and MARR
Midterm 2 formula sheet
Background information on inflation: wikipedia and two examples of hyperinflation ( Germany and Zimbabwe)
Consumer price index: the official website, a recent report, and a spreadsheet with CPI-U values.
Midterm 2 practice problems
Midterm 1 and solutions
Lecture 10 slides
Lecture 9 slides and spreadsheet for oil well decision tree
Lecture 7 slides, notes on simulation, and a spreadsheet of a mortgage backed security (MBS).
Midterm 1 formula sheet and practice problems
Notes on loans, mortgages, and a mortgage spreadsheet
Spreadsheet demonstrating relative and absolute references.
Notes on time value of money and annuities
Social Security spreadsheet
Tentative schedule
Wait list information