IEMS 326 Economics and Finance for Engineers

Spring 2011

Last modified: Wed Sep 28 17:11:01 CDT 2011

Lectures: Monday Wednesday Friday 3:00-3:50 in Frances Searle 2-407

Instructor: Benjamin Armbruster
Office Hours Mondays 4-5 in Tech M237

TA: Dongjae Lim,,
and Kibaek Kim,,
Office Hours Mondays and Tuesdays 5-6 in Tech C135 (computer lab)


Homework 6, accompanying spreadsheet, and solutions

Case 2 is due Wednesday, June 1.

Homework 5 and solutions

Homework 4 and solutions

Case 1 is due Monday, May 2.

Homework 3 and solutions.

Homework 2 and solutions.

Homework 1 and solutions.


Formula sheet and practice problems for final.

diversification spreadsheet, Ice Cream and Umbrellas spreadsheet, and slides from Northwestern University's endowment manager Will McLean's guest lecture on 2/6/2009

Lecture 19 slides

Slides, spreadsheet, and notes on bonds

Background information on the financial system 1 and 2 and notes and slides from today

Notes on depreciation.

Midterm 2 and solutions

Lecture 15 slides

Lecture 14 slides and spreadsheet on IRR

Midterm 2 formula sheet and practice problems

Lecture 13 slides

Lecture 12 slides and spreadsheet.

Lecture 11 slides. Wikipedia on inflation and hyperinflation in Germany and Zimbabwe

Spreadsheet with inflation over time and government inflation report

Lecture 9 slides

Lecture 8 slides and spreadsheet for oil well decision tree.

Midterm 1 and solutions

Lecture 7 slides, notes on simulation, and a spreadsheet of a mortgage backed security (MBS).

Midterm 1 formula sheet and practice problems

Lecture 5 slides, mortgage.xls, and mortgage notes.

A Daily Show clip on Arizona taking a loan secured by its capitol building, some notes on loans, and an associated spreadsheet.

Lecture 4 slides

Lecture 3 slides

Notes on annuities.

Notes on time value of money.

Social Security spreadsheet and 2010 Report


Tentative schedule