IEMS 326 Economics and Finance for Engineers

Fall 2011

Last modified: Wed Nov 30 14:21:10 CST 2011

Lectures: Monday Wednesday Friday 3:00-3:50 in Frances Searle 2-407
(except Fridays in Frances Searle 1-441)

Instructor: Benjamin Armbruster
Office Hours Wednesdays 4-5 in Tech M237

TA: Dongjae Lim,
Office Hours Thursdays 5-6 in Tech C135 (computer lab)


Case 2
Case 1
Homework 6 and solution
Homework 5 and solution
Homework 4 and solution
Homework 3 and solution
Homework 2 and solution
Homework 1 and solution


Formula sheet and practice problems for final.
Notes on bonds
Background information on the financial system 1 and 2 and notes.
Notes on depreciation.
Midterm 2 and solutions
From last spring, Midterm 2 and solutions
Midterm 2 formula sheet and practice problems
Spreadsheet with inflation over time and government inflation report
Wikipedia on inflation and hyperinflation in Germany and Zimbabwe
Lecture 9 slides
Midterm 1 and solutions
Lecture 8 slides and spreadsheet for oil well decision tree
Lecture 7 slides, notes on simulation, and a spreadsheet of a mortgage backed security (MBS).
Midterm 1 formula sheet and practice problems
A Daily Show clip on Arizona taking a loan secured by its capitol building, some notes on loans, and an associated spreadsheet.
Notes on time value of money and annuities
Social Security spreadsheet
Tentative schedule