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Karen Smilowitz

James N. and Margie M. Krebs Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences


IEMS 365: Analytics for Social Good
This university-wide course in humanitarian and non-profit logistics will explore the challenges and opportunities of achieving social good in the age of analytics. Students work on interdisciplinary teams on a series of case studies that range in topic from advanced technology for disaster response and preparedness to improved decision-making frameworks for community-based health care providers.
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IEMS 381: Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis
Application and development of mathematical modeling tools for the analysis of strategic, tactical, and operational supply-chain problems including facility location, customer assignment, vehicle routing, and inventory management. Related topics including the role of information and decision support systems in supply chains.
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IEMS 480-1: Production and Logistics
This course provides an introduction to modeling and solution methods for facility location, transportation and inventory management decisions.
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IEMS 482: Routing and Scheduling
Ph.D.-level elective on modeling and solution methods for vehicle routing and scheduling problems.
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IEMS 490: Operations Research Modeling in Humanitarian and Non-Profit Logistics
This course covers topics related to the modeling of logistics problems in humanitarian and non-profit settings. The course examines issues from both an academic and practitioner perspective, with guest speakers and an exploration of the academic and practitioner literature. Ph.D.-level elective in 2014; University-wide undergraduate elective coming in 2015.
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IEMS 486: Supply Chain Management
MEM elective covering approaches to analyze key issues in supply chain management and service operations. Problem areas to be examined include: location analysis, inventory management, vehicle routing, multi-objective analysis, and scenario planning. Emphasis is given to real world examples and applications as well as the development of modeling skills.
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IEMS 489: Transportation Network Design
Subjects covered include the interrelationship between transportation, inventory, and production costs, the design and operation of physical distribution and collection systems, one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many logistics systems, and the role of terminals and transshipments in transportation networks, as well as relevant analysis methodologies. While examples will be drawn mainly from freight transportation, the methods presented are also useful in the analysis of many passenger transportation systems.
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