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Karen Smilowitz

James N. and Margie M. Krebs Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Funded Research Projects

National Science Foundation.EAGER: ISN: Unraveling Illicit Supply Chains for Falsified Pharmaceuticals with a Citizen Science Approach. With Marya Lieberman. 2018-2020.


National Science Foundation.Using Operations Research to Integrate Support Services into Public Service System Planning. With Sunil Chopra and Jill Wilson. 2017-2021.


National Science Foundation. PFI:AIR - TT: SAFE (Situational Awareness for Events): A Data Visualization System. With George Chiampas. 2016-2018.


Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Improving patient flow at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. With Sanjay Mehrotra and Christine Nguyen. 2016.


National Science Foundation. GOALI: Improving Medical Preparedness, Public Safety and Security at Mass Events. With Sanjay Mehrotra, George Chiampas, Jennifer Chan, and Mike Nishi. 2014-2018.


National Science Foundation. Advancing Dynamic Relief Response: Integration of New Data Streams and Routing Models. With Irina Dolinskaya and Jennifer Chan. 2013-2017.


National Science Foundation. INSPIRE Track 1: Primary School Organizations as Open Systems: Strategic External Relationship Development to Promote Student Engagement in STEM Topics. With Paul Leonardi and James P. Spillane. 2013 - 2018.


Center for Engineering and Health. Models and Methods for Robust and Dynamic Decision-making in Mass Participation Event Planning. With Sanjay Mehrotra, George Chiampas, and Jennifer Chan. 2013.


National Science Foundation. Design and Control Principles for Mobile Health Care Operations Management The Case of Asthma Control. With Seyed Iravani, Sarang Deo, and Paul Detjen. 2011-2014.


Center for the Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology. Integration of Real-Time Mapping Technology in Disaster Relief Distribution. With Irina Dolinskaya and Jennifer Chan. 2011-2012.


Northwestern Murphy Society. Humanitarian Logistics Beyond the Classroom. 2010-2013.


Google Research Awards. Using Advances in Mapping Technologies and Real-time Information to Improve Humanitarian Relief Routing. With Irina Dolinskaya. 2011-2012.


Center for the Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology. Decision-making Tools for Distribution Networks in Disaster Relief. With Irina Dolinskaya. 2010-2011.


Boeing Corporation. International Air Cargo Study. With H. Mahmassani and J. Zubrod. 2010.


National Science Foundation. Design and Control Principles for Non-profit Supply Chains. With Seyed Iravani. 2007-2009.


Coyote Logistics. Improved operations at Coyote Logistics - Solving the network. With Tito Homem-de-Mello. 2008-2009.


Carry Transit. Yield management opportunities at Carry Transit. With Tito Homemde- Mello and Mark Daskin. 2007-2008.


Northwestern University Transportation Center. Yield Management Opportunities at Carry Transit. With Tito Homem-de-Mello and Mark Daskin. 2007.


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Industry Studies Fellowship: Operational Flexibility in Freight Transportation. 2005-2007.


National Science Foundation. CAREER: Strategies to Improve Goods Movement: Operational Choice in Routing Problems. 2004-2009.


UPS Foundation. Transportation Grant: A Framework for Transportation Outsourcing Decisions. 2003-2004.