Masterclass: Ranking & Selection for Simulation Optimization

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Simulation optimization means optimizing the performance of a stochastic system that can only be analyzed via simulation. If the number of feasible solutions is finite and small enough, then simulating all of them is possible; ranking & selection (R&S) procedures are algorithms for doing just that in a statistically sound and efficient way. The availability of cheap, high-performance parallel computing has redefined "small enough" to be hundreds of thousands to millions of feasible solution. This is a hands-on class in which students will learn the mathematical-statistics foundations of R&S, apply R&S procedures to simulation optimization problems, and create their own R&S procedure. Knowledge of R and RStudio is useful, but not strictly required, and is only used to allow students to run examples.

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Download these RScript files to participate in the hands-on examples that apply various R&S procedures to five different simulation optimization problems.



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Foundations of Ranking & Selection for Simulation Optimization

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