Online Supplement to Nelson and Taaffe (2004)

"The Pht / Pht / ∞ queueing system: Part I - The single node" and
"The Pht / Pht / ∞ queueing system: Part II - The multiclass network"


This page contains a link to the Proofs for "The Pht / Pht / ∞ queueing system: Part I - The single node."

Maple Procedures

This page also contains links to the Maple procedures described in the associated papers. These procedures evaluate performance measures of the Pht / Pht / ∞ queue, or a network of such queues, as a function of time.

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The software was last updated on 10/15/03; There are versions designed to run under Maple V and under Maple 6/7/8. Click the procedure name that you want to download.

Maple V

Maple 6/7/8

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