Graduate Students

Doctoral Students

  1. Joseph Czyzyk (1994), “Interior Point Methods for solving stochastic linear programs,” (co-advisor with Robert Fourer at Northwestern University).
  2. Robert A. Stubbs (1997), “A branch and cut method for 0-1 mixed convex programming.” (at Northwestern University), INFORMS Nicholson Award (Honorary Mention)
  3. Jen-Shan Wang, “Interior point methods for generalized network problems.” (incomplete dissertation after 6 years at Northwestern University.)
  4. Amarnath Banerjee (1998), “A Virtual reality telecollaboration environment for decision analysis using intelligent objects,” (co-advisor with P. Banerjee at UIC). Presently an Associate Professor at Texas A&M
  5. Jonathan H. Owen (1998), “Disjunctive approaches for solving general mixed-integer linear programs.” (at Northwestern University). Presently a GM-Fellow.
  6. A. Akgunduz (2001), “Collision Detection for fast moving objects,” (co-advisor with P. Banerjee at UIC).
  7. Zhifeng Li (2005), “Lattice Basis Reduction and Mixed Integer Convex Programming.” Presently at Fennie and Freddie Mac.
  8. Gokhan Ozevin (2005), “Decomposition Based Interior-Point Methods for Two-Stage Stochastic Convex Conic Programming with Recourse” Presently a Senior Consultant.
  9. Reuben Thomas (2006), “Inference of Regulatory Interactions in Genetic Systems,” Presently at UC Berkley (Senior Post Doc/Research Assistant Professor)
  10. Huanyuan Sheng, “Could not complete his dissertation after 5 years of study.”
  11. Michael Chen (2008), “Solving Static and Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Problem Via Sparse Grid and Interior Point Methods and Complexity Analysis” Presently an Assistant Professor at York University, Canada
  12. Jonathan Turner (2011), Title: “Overcoming obstacles to resident-patient continuity of care and optimal allocation of operating room experiences.” (co-advisor, primary chair/advisor: Mark Daskin). Awarded IEMS Nemhauser Dissertation Award. Also, INFORMS Doing Good with Good OR award.
  13. Jian Hu, (2011), “Concepts, Analyses, and Applications of Multivariate Stochastic Dominance.” Awarded McCormick Terminal Year Fellowship. (co-advisor, Tito Homem-de-Mello). Presently Assistant Professor at University of Michigan, Dearborn.
  14. Kuo-Ling Huang (2012), “Improving Solvability of Continuous and Mixed Integer Convex Optimization Problems Using Interior Approaches”
  15. Ashley Davis (2013), “Addressing Geographic Disparity in Kidney Transplant.”
  16. He Zhang (2014), Tentative Title: “"Distributionally Robust Optimization Models and Process Mining in Healthcare Systems,” Management School, University of Southern Florida.
  17. Kibaek Kim (2014), "Predictive Modeling and Stochastic Optimization in Healthcare,” Awarded IEMS Nemhauser Best Paper Award, Argonne National Lab.
  18. Changhyeok Lee (2015), "Power System Operation and Planning Under Uncertainty with Robust Optimization,” Sears
  19. Brittany Bogle (2015), "Accurate Lifetime Risk Assessment of Sudden Cardiac Death and Methods for Generating Synthetic Data for Predicting Privacy using Optimization,” UNC
  20. Liwen Ouyang (2015 expected) (co-advisor, Daniel Apley)
  21. Vikram Kilambi (2017 expected)
  22. Cassandra Hall (2018 expected)
  23. Fengqiao Lou (2018 expected)

Postdoctoral Fellow Supervision

  1. Jun Ma (2006)
  2. Jian Hu (2010-2011)
  3. David Papp (2011-12)
  4. Kuo-Ling Huang (2012-)
  5. Utku Koc (2012-2015)
  6. Ilya Mikhelson (2013-)
  7. Yun Li (2013-2014)
  8. Liang Liu (2014- )
  9. Manish Bansal (2014- )

Masters of Manufacturing Engineering Students

  1. Michael J. Muilenburg (1990). “Improving Manufacturing Flexibility through Setup Reduction.”
  2. Edward Francis (1992). “Strategic Performance Evaluation Systems.”

Undergraduate Honor’s Project Supervision

  1. Andrew Armacost (1989). “A computational comparison of the network simplex method with the dual affine scaling method.”
  2. Robert Sontoso (1998). “Using Markovitz Model in Efficient Portfolio Selection with limited number of securities.”
  3. Arif Onrusal (2000). “A Research and Information Tool for Corporate Information.”
  4. Vidya Nageshwaran (2002). “Understanding the Market Crash: Before and After.”