Hao-Jun Michael Shi

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Hao-Jun Michael Shi
2nd Year Ph.D. Student
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Northwestern University
Email: hjmshi@u.northwestern.edu

I'm a 2nd year graduate student under the Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences department at Northwestern. My current research interests are in optimization algorithms and theory with application to machine learning.

Recent News

  • (2/15/2018) Paper Uploaded: A Progressive Batching L-BFGS Method for Machine Learning.

  • (11/3/2017) Paper Accepted: Optimizing Quantization for Lasso Recovery to IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

  • (9/7/2017) Taught real analysis boot camp for first year IEMS students.

  • (6/15/2017) Passed Candidacy Exam!!

  • (3/17/2017) Received NSF GRFP Honorable Mention.

  • (1/12/2016) Paper Revised: A Primer on Coordinate Descent Algorithms.

  • (10/3/2016) Paper Uploaded: A Primer on Coordinate Descent Algorithms.

    • This paper is written towards practitioners outside of optimization who may find CD algorithms useful for their applications. We currently intend on adding to the monograph to keep the primer up-to-date on current research until we foresee no more major advances in the area. Any feedback that would make the paper better and more useful for practitioners would be acknowledged and appreciated!

  • (9/20/2016) Starting graduate studies at Northwestern!


Technological Institute L375
2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL, USA 60208-3119

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